Sexual Health Series Pheromones Love Desire For Men 100Ml



Manufacturer's code5907776180248

Pheromones with Love & Desire Male Perfume - 100 ml MEN'S S Scent and MASTER PHEROMONS are an exquisite recipe for Success & Desireperfume with pheromones for real men How does Love & Desire smell for men? It's an energising fresh fragrance, full of life and freedom. People who wear this fragrance feel unique and free. Women describe this fragrance as: intriguing, attractive, masculine. It consists of fragrance notes: grapefruit, birch leaf, cypress, sage, vetiver, patchouli.

How do Love & Desire pheromones work? Pheromones and perfumes with their addition act naturally, invisibly. The very fragrance of Love & Desire is very masculine, determined and hypnotic, while pheromones do not have a scent, they are not perceptible either to you or to third parties. When using perfumes with pheromones, you don't have to use other fragrances. Original unusual formula of 4 pheromones Most commercially available pheromones are based on chemical compounds: androstenol and androstenone. The Love & Desire pheromones are the only ones with two more important ingredients: androsterone and androstadienone.

Love & Desire is for you if: you want to flirt, you want to find the other half permanently looking for new friendships, you want to have better contact with people you already know, e.g. in the workplace, etc.Love & Desire pheromones will help you: to increase your confidence in any situation and to get more attention, to gain respect and affection for the environment, to feel more masculine in your skin. Use pheromones every day! Application:Love & Desire can be used by people of all ages.

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