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Pheromones PheroStrongExclussive for Women with 1ml capacity. In this article you will learn why it is worth using PheroStrong and what effects you can expect from the ingredients in the products. Each of us wants: 1) To incite the desire of the opposite sex, attract the gaze, lure with sex appeal, 2) To be a passionate lover, electrify the senses, without inhibition, satisfy desires and desires, 3) To make a positive and unforgettable first impression, to be in the circle of interest, 4) To inspire trust, as well as the openness and kindness of the people you meet 5) Be successful in your career and increase the effectiveness of your work, gain promotions, 6) Enjoy the respect and recognition of your surroundings, be an authority at home and among friends, 7) Be a woman who is happy, loved and fulfilled - be a WOMAN SUCCESS !!! What are pheromones? Pheromone in Greek means "relay of excitement".

Pheromones are volatile chemicals that are secreted outside the body. They are probably present in all organisms: animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, as well as humans. But pheromones only work between individuals of the same species.

Thanks to them we send out stimuli that have a positive effect on communication with the environment and increase our attractiveness in the opposite sex. According to scientists from the Vienna Institute for Urban Ethology, there is information in the scents of the human body that determines the emotional state of a person.

When our olfactory receptors perceive the "smell" of pheromones, the human mind will recognize them as a specific scent, which will cause subconscious reactions in other people in every situation. Pheromones can therefore prove very useful as a decoy, as well as in social contacts, wherever mutual trust, effective negotiation, or finding mutually satisfactory solutions - at home, at work, at a party at a friend's, or at an official meeting. The whole process is therefore effective because it takes place outside our consciousness - at the instinct level. The recipient modifies his behaviour, thanks to the influence of the substance, without sensing the smell of the pheromone at all and not knowing about its action. It is believed that if we did not use cosmetics (soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc.) our pheromones would be more intense.

The structure of human pheromones Both the pheromones secreted by the body, or those produced synthetically, are an attribute of attractiveness, attract the opposite sex and cause positive reactions to our person. Pheromones belong to the group of steroids, which in the human body occur in the form of adrenal cortex hormones and female sex hormones - estrogens and male - androgens. Female pheromones Estratetraenol (estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol) - is an odourless compound even in very high concentrations, responsible for psychophysiological stimulation.

Copulins - a group of short-chain volatile fatty acids (from C2-C5). Produced by women, in increased amounts during fertile days.

They serve as a sexual lure. PheroStrong pheromones - Attractiveness attribute When releasing large amounts of pheromones, you do not have to be physically attractive to have great success in the opposite sex - says chemist Leszek Konopski, PhD - employee of the Institute of Organic Industry in Warsaw. Unfortunately, human pheromones have been weakened due to, among others, too fast lifestyle and the influence of many civilization factors.

It is therefore more difficult for us to build interpersonal relations and successfully reach out to another human being. PheroStrong Exclusive for Women Head note: black currant, pear Heart note: orange flower, jasmine, iris Base note: praline, vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli New philosophy of happiness created for the wrong optimists who live in the moment. Here is PheroStrong EXCLUSIVE for Women - a floral composition that charms with its joyful accents.

A fragrance that celebrates the joys of life of those who love to follow their own path. Ideal for self-confident optimist, who grasps dreams and strives for happiness. PheroStrong EXCLUSIVE for Women is a manifesto of happiness that is a perfectly balanced blend of floral aromas. Precious notes of iris, jasmine and orange blossom emphasize deep patchouli chords and a composition of pralines and vanilla.

Pheromones in sexual life The results of research on pheromones suggest that we can control our sexuality and the behaviour associated with it. PheroStrong pheromones will help increase your success in the opposite sex. They allow you to break the barrier of shyness and increase your chances of flirting. They will help you to be open, confident and sociable. Arouse interest - with PheroStrong you can magnetize your whole person.

This sex lure will also help you to instil passion and desire in your bedroom. They help to diversify as well as revitalize erotic life. Pheromones increase the level of excitement and remove shame. Greater openness will provide both of you with a new intense experience. PheroStrong Exlusive - The chemistry of love takes on a new meaning Pheromones are used to increase erotic attractiveness, and even to cure desire disorders and sexual excitement," notes Professor Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, "they cause: feeling a train to a person, falling in love, euphoria, they promote orgasm.

Pheromones in everyday life Pheromones serve not only for seduction. By using pheromones we can improve the level of communication in every area of social life - also in everyday life, in family relations.

Every day we influence the people around us. PheroStrong will make contact with another person easier and your day more enjoyable. Pheromones make the people we influence more open, more sympathetic and kind to us...

This makes you and your recipient feel better, having a nice time together. At the same time, you achieve your goal - improving the relationship with your partner, a compromise worked out, a test passed, a stress-free visit to the office, quickly and positively settled an important matter. PheroStrong - Be the ruler of the situation Artificial pheromones are substances which, due to the concentration of compounds responsible for a specific action, give us the opportunity to strengthen the expected effect.

We become the "master of the situation". This gives us a sense of uniqueness, relaxation and greater self-confidence," says Magdalena Fedor-Dróżdż, psychology trainer of success and change. Source: Pheromones in professional life Pheromones work in different relationships, e.g. man to woman, man to man or woman to woman. They affect our hormones, as well as the alpha rhythm of the brain and neurotransmitters.

Therefore, they are often used between people of the same sex in the professional sphere, at work, in business. Do you want to improve your business relationship? Improve your effectiveness? Have better results at work? Get a positive result in a job interview? PheroStrong will help you to increase the confidence of your audience, convince them that you are right. It will also improve your resistance to stress, so you will gain more confidence and respect from your opponent sitting on the other side of the table.

Pheromones will also help you make a good first impression. They will strengthen your position, attract interest, make you more credible and thus more effective! Knowingly manage your image! PheroStrong also helps to increase your authority among your colleagues or subordinates.

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