Aurora Pheromones Fx24 For Men Neutral Roll On 5 ml



Manufacturer's code5903111016425

FX24 for men - odorless pheromones for men. FX24 for men is an odorless pheromone designed to create desire and excitement in women that they cannot resist. A specially selected set of ingredients has a stimulating effect on women and makes them see a man as extremely attractive and attractive. Women react to the ingredients contained in the preparation in a subconscious way, under their influence they start to feel an increased desire for close contact, become stimulated and prone to flirt.

NOTE: The preparation is odor-neutral, however, it may have a slightly perceptible smell, which is impermanent and stops being felt within minutes after application.FX24 will cause you to be perceived by women as more masculine and attractive, women will pay attention to you and be more inclined to make closer (intimate) contact, women in your environment will become more open and inclined to flirt, your determination and self-confidence will increase, other men will regard you as the leader and dominant person in the group.For whom is FX24 intended? FX24 is a multi-ingredient, fragrance-neutral formulation for men who have an intense social life, who want to arouse interest in women and encourage them to have closer contact. This product is ideal for you if: you have an active social life and want to quickly connect with women, if you want a woman who doesn't pay attention to you to start taking an interest in you and want a closer, intimate contact, if you want women to see you as more masculine and intriguing, if you plan to meet a woman who wants to arouse desire and desire for sex, if you want men on your team to see you as a leader and leader.When to use FX24? FX24 is for special occasions. The effectiveness of FX24 can be best appreciated in situations of direct contact with women. How does FX24 smell? FX24 has no distinct scent, is virtually odorless and can be used in combination with any scented cosmetics. You can use it with your favorite Eau de Toilette without any problems.

The unusual blend of fragrance-free pheromones causes excitement in the woman's subconscious, arouses a man's appeal and increases the desire for sex. NOTE: The product may have a slight odor, but it is fragranceless and stops being felt within minutes after application. Why does FX24 work so effectively? The composition of fragrance-neutral ingredients is based on many years of experience of physiologists, combined with knowledge in biochemistry and cosmetology. The strong and specific effect of FX24 is due to its fragrance-free pheromones, which affect the subconscious of the woman.

Women react to the ingredients contained in the preparation in a subconscious way and are unable to resist their action. See the following product categories for other products. The commodity search is very intiuitive, enter at least three characters of the name or the manufacturer's code, press enter and you will see the results. Erotic shop must be built in a clear way.

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